Shipping Policy on Ammunition and Restricted Items

For Your Information:

The items you have ordered may not have any restrictions but we felt it necessary for our customers to know that some of the items we sell do have shipping restrictions.

Restricted Items:

Outdoors Plus offers some products that may be restricted by Federal, State and/or Local laws. We do not authorize the right to purchase any products that may be restricted in your area.

You must be at least 21 years of age to purchase certain products such as ammunition and reloading components. Under Federal law 18 U.S.C. 922(D)(1)-(9), persons with a legal disability are also restricted from purchasing certain products.  There is also a $4.25 charge added to shipping and we will require an adult signature 21 years of age or older for these items.

When you purchase any of our products, you accept full responsibility to comply with all regulations that apply. You also warrant that you have read this information, are an adult and have no legal disability that would preclude you from purchasing restricted items. Please check your local laws before ordering.

Commodities, technology or software sold by Boaters Plus should only be exported from the US in accordance with the Bureau of Industry and Security Regulations (BIS). Diversions contrary to US law are prohibited. Please contact BIS for regulatory information prior to shipments outside of the US.

Some of the products in our offering contain lead. Lead is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Information on items that can not be shipped or require additional information to be shipped:

Due to individual state laws, we may not be able to sell or ship some items to your area. Ultimately it is the customers responsibility to be aware of their federal, state and local laws.

State Restrictions:

    California: Airguns that look like actual firearms, magazines over 10 rounds, crossbow Bolts, stun guns, folding stocks, and tracer ammo.
    Connecticut: Slingshots and folding stocks.
    Delaware: Slingshots.
    Hawaii: Magazines over 10 rounds, ammo, muzzleloaders, stun guns, folding stocks, and pepper spray.
    Illinois: Airguns over 700fps, slingshots, and muzzleloaders. For ammunition, see below.
    Indiana: Pepper spray.
    Maryland: Magazines over 20 rounds.
    Massachusetts: Airguns, magazines over 10 rounds, ammo, muzzleloaders, crossbows, crossbow bolts, folding stocks, and pepper spray.
    Michigan: Airguns, stun guns, and pepper spray.
    New Jersey: Airguns, slingshots, magazines over 15 rounds, muzzleloaders, stun guns, folding stocks, and pepper spray.
    New Mexico: Slingshots.
    New York State: Slingshots, magazines over 10 rounds, stun guns, and pepper spray.
    North Carolina: Crossbows.
    Pennsylvania: Pepper Spray.
    Rhode Island: Muzzleloaders, stun guns, and pepper spray
    Wisconsin: Stun guns and pepper spray

Illinois Residents: Currently, all orders for ammunition to be sold or shipped to Illinois will need to be placed by phone.
Before orders containing ammunition can be processed, we must have a valid/current copy of your F.O.I.D. card, and state issued ID or Drivers License.
When receiving the information be email we would prefer that it is a jpeg picture, however we will accept almost any format.
You may send your F.O.I.D. card and state issued ID/Drivers License to